National automobile carrier 


Awning semi-trailers of 86-90 m3, as well as 3 refrigerators of 86 m3.

Germany, Benelux, Denmark, Poland, France, Italy, Turkey.

5 - 8 days if there are no queues at border crossings.

  • Additional locking mechanism on the back door;
  • we do not carry out transportation in the dark hours of the day on the territory of Ukraine;
  • parking exclusively in parking lots with video surveillance.

We provide cargo storage services both in material and customs-licensed warehouses.

The standard insurance package includes risks for shortage, damage or loss of cargo.

The necessary documentation for the cargo is drawn up by the consignor/consignee. The driver/employee of the company controls the correctness of the accompanying documents (the number of seats must match the actual loaded one, and the information about the cargo must match in all documents).

Regular customers are offered a link to the map from the location of the vehicle, which will be active throughout the transportation.

The price is formed based on the cost of transportation, profitability, as well as the market value of similar transportation.

Discounts are provided for regular customers, and we can also offer them fixed prices for 1, 3 or 6 months.

Delivery terms are prescribed in a separate contract-application, accepting which we guarantee delivery within the agreed terms. However, in cases of force majeure, such as the blockade of border crossings, delivery times may be extended.

In the event of damage to the cargo, the unloading process is stopped, the insurance company's emergency commissioner is called to assess the extent of the damage. Only after that, a report on damage to the cargo is drawn up.

In the case of a serious breakdown of the tractor, another tractor is sent to be re-hooked in order to prevent a delay in the delivery of the cargo.

We have our own material warehouses, as well as employees who can provide this service.

The size of the cargo is limited to the size of the semi-trailer (13.6/2.45/2.76 m). The weight of the cargo should not exceed 23 tons.

For new customers, it is mandatory either to conclude a long-term contract, or to conclude a one-time contract-application of our sample, in the case of transportation, it takes place on the condition of full prepayment.

The question was answered by:
Head of the logistics department
Andriy Doroshenkov

Договір на перевезення вантажів укладається обов’язково в письмовій формі та підписується уповноваженими представниками сторін.  Ми пропонуємо укладати рамковий договір, який дозволяє здійснювати декілька перевезень протягом року або більш тривалого періоду.  На кожне окреме перевезення до такого договору підписується заявка, в якій фіксується інформація про  конкретний вантаж, маршрут, уточнюються інші положення щодо конкретного перевезення. У випадку необхідності здійснення разового перевезення також укладається письмовий договір.

To conclude an agreement on the provision of services for the transportation of goods by road transport, it is necessary to provide: a copy of an extract or extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs of Ukraine; a copy of the extract from the register of value added tax payers; an extract from the company's Charter regarding the legal status of the company, its location, types of activities of the business entity and powers of the manager; documents confirming the authority of the signatories of the contract (power of attorney, order, etc.).

The responsibility of the carrier is clearly defined by the Convention on the contract of international carriage of goods by road. In addition, KVK "Rapid" JSC offers to conclude contracts in which the balance of interests of all parties of transportation is respected. The contract clearly regulates the rights and obligations of both parties, the procedure for accepting the application and its execution, the settlement mechanism between the parties, establishes responsibility for violation of its terms, including fines, penalties, etc. A balanced contract is a guarantee of long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation between the parties.

The contract for the transportation of goods by road, which is concluded with KVK "Rapid" JSC, already provides for a mandatory condition of the carrier's liability insurance (CMR insurance). We necessarily conclude a carrier liability insurance contract (CMR insurance) with leading insurance companies of Ukraine. Contracts cover responsibility for cargo; responsibility for late delivery of goods; liability to third parties; additional costs. Coverage area: European countries and Ukraine.

In its activities, KVK Rapid JSC is guided by the provisions of the legislation of Ukraine and international treaties that are valid for Ukraine. The main conventions that regulate international road transport are the Convention on the contract of international road carriage of goods, the Customs Convention on the international carriage of goods using the TIR carnet, European Agreement on the international carriage of dangerous goods by road. When concluding a contract for the transportation of goods with a non-resident, the applicable law is determined in the contract by agreement between the parties.

The signing of the contract is possible in electronic form in accordance with the provisions of the Laws of Ukraine "On Electronic Documents and Electronic Document Management", "On Electronic Identification and Electronic Trust Services" with the use of the KEP of the authorized person. Also, our contracts regulate the exchange of operational information through e-mail and other means of electronic communication, which allows for prompt receipt of documents and information and minimizes time spent by both parties.

In our work, we are focused on constructive dialogue with clients and minimizing the risks of misunderstandings. All issues are resolved through negotiations, correspondence and finding a compromise. In the event of failure to reach an agreement, it is possible to apply a claim or judicial dispute resolution procedure in accordance with current legislation.

The question was answered by:
Head of the legal department
Alekseeva Olga

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