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Legal aspects of international road transport

To achieve a balance of interests of the carrier, shipper and consignee, as well as obtaining by all parties to contractual relations the maximum economic effect from the implementation of the economic operation of transportation, all participants in international transportation must be guided by legislation and agreements concluded between the parties in their activities. Strict compliance with them acts as a kind of guarantee of timely delivery of goods and payment for services rendered from another.

Legislation on road transport includes both an international block and a national one. In the context of international transportation, it is important to know and adhere to international conventions in the specified field, as they establish unified and unified rules for all parties to the legal relationship of transportation, remain valid at all stages of transportation, regardless of the country in which the car and cargo are located at a specific moment. 

The main international agreements in the field of road transport, which are valid for Ukraine, are the Convention on the contract of international carriage of goods by road, the Customs Convention on the international carriage of goods using the TIR carnet, the Convention on the procedure common transit, Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union on freight transportation by road, European Agreement on the international road transport of dangerous goods (DOPNV), etc.

Natsionalʹne zakonodavstvo Ukrayiny vklyuchaye polozhennya Konstytutsiyi Ukrayiny, z·hidno yakykh vyklyuchno zakonamy vyznachayutʹsya zasady vykorystannya pryrodnykh resursiv, vyklyuchnoyi (morsʹkoyi) ekonomichnoyi zony, kontynentalʹnoho shelʹfu, osvoyennya kosmichnoho prostoru, orhanizatsiyi ta ekspluatatsiyi enerhosystem, transportu i zvʺyazku, polozhennya Tsyvilʹnoho ta Hospodarsʹkoho kodeksiv Ukrayiny, zakoniv ta pidzakonnykh aktiv. Ещё ​ 479 / 5 000 Результаты перевода Перевод The national legislation of Ukraine includes the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, according to which the principles of the use of natural resources, exclusive ( maritime) economic zone, continental shelf, development of outer space, organization and operation of energy systems, transport and communication, provisions of the Civil and Economic Codes of Ukraine, laws and by-laws.

The Commercial Code of Ukraine contains a separate chapter devoted to the issue of transportation, establishes the basic terminology and key elements of the relationship between the parties to the transportation contract. Separate articles of the code are devoted to the contract of cargo transportation, acceptance of cargo for transportation, change of transportation conditions, receipt of cargo at destination, payment for transportation and responsibility of the carrier. The code also lays the foundation for the regulation of transport forwarding.

Ukraine has extensive legislation in the field of legal regulation of transport activities, which directly includes the Law of Ukraine "On Transport", branch laws according to the types of transport - the Law of Ukraine is important for us "On road transport, Law "On transport and forwarding activities", Law of Ukraine "On transportation of dangerous goods", Law of Ukraine "On transit of goods", etc.

It is important that in Ukraine the activity of transporting passengers, dangerous goods and hazardous waste by inland water, sea, road, rail and air transport, international transport of passengers and goods by road transport is subject to licensing. Licensing conditions for carrying out business activities involving the transportation of passengers, dangerous goods and hazardous waste by road transport, international transportation of passengers and goods by road transport are approved by Resolution No. 1001 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 2, 2015. Compliance with the license conditions by the carrier guarantees the consignor and consignee to receive quality services from cargo transportation. 

In accordance with the above-mentioned legislation, the transport and logistics company can establish its own rules, procedures, instructions, which regulate the issue of transportation of goods by its local acts. In addition, a written contract of carriage must be concluded between the parties, which regulates the terms of cooperation between the parties. Both one-time and long-term contracts can be concluded. The transportation contract regulates the requirements for the cargo, its packaging, time and place of loading, place and term of delivery, terms of payment and other conditions that the parties consider necessary to agree on. In the case of concluding a long-term contract, it may specify the need to submit an application for each individual transportation with the relevant information about the cargo. 

Compliance with the requirements of the legislation and the terms of the contract in the activity of the carrier is a guarantee that your cargo will reach its destination on time and undamaged and will be received by the consignee. Joint-stock company "Kyiv Rapid Production Company" in its activities strictly complies with the requirements of the law, for 65 years it has been transporting goods by road transport and is ready to provide you with high-quality services of international transportation of goods, including dangerous goods.

The head of the legal department Olha Alekseeva

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