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Термінал Комплекс

Our company does not leave to its customers the worries that they have to face already after the delivery of the cargo. This includes, in particular, its storage and customs clearance.

Our company has:

Place for delivery
of customs cargo

Department of
customs clearance

Warehouses for temporary storage

"Rapid" company has concluded agreements with the best European companies so that your cargo reaches you intact and undamaged. We will provide not only customs clearance, but also safe storage.

Customs broker services

At your service is a professional in his field, a customs broker of the "Rapid" company. For a fair price, our specialists will accept, process and compile all the documents themselves so that your cargo passes customs control quickly and efficiently. We do not abandon you halfway, but accompany you from the very beginning to the end, until the cargo is at your place!

Rent of premises

You can rent space from us for cargo storage. Each is equipped with security, video surveillance and a fire alarm system. We use special equipment to process the cargo safely and quickly. In addition, our employees carefully follow sanitary standards, so each warehouse has an appropriate ventilation system. Everything can be stored in our premises: from transport to food. No load of our customers will be damaged or spoiled under the watchful eye of our employees!

And if necessary, "Rapid" will deliver your cargo to any point in Ukraine.

Cargo delivery

Registration of documents, customs control, storage and delivery - leave it to the professionals of the Rapid company! Thanks to our many years of experience and cooperation with the leading enterprises of the European Union, you won't even have time to think about how your cargo will already be there.

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